Online Team Tournament Teams Thus Far!

Prize Fund Increased to 103% of entries! (Yes we are giving away more money than we are taking in). Prizes (based on for 4 teams in each section):

1st Place in each section: $200.  

2nd Place in each section $130.

U2000 Section

Alapin Annihilaters. Martin Hansen 2255, Arnold Banner 1991, Sean Northrup 1908, Samuel Wohl 1811. Team Average: 1991.25

NM Martin Hansen 2255

U1600 Section

CCB Baby Blitzers. Jonathan Lang 2110, William Jackson 1856, Jermaine Howlett 1591, Finis Hocker 715. Team Average: 1568

UCF Cracked. Carlos Hoyos 2088, Jasper Zaporteza 1685, Philippe Espinet 1357, Kiani Walker 1122. Team Average: 1563

UCF Legends. Makaio Krienke 2219, Timothy Woodard 2086, Kevin Harrilal 1031, Eric Bruckenstein 854. Team Average: 1547.5

Team Canty. NM James Canty 2317. Andrew Breeden 1420.  Rafael Rosado 1281. Joshua Breeden 660. Team Average: 1419.5


Round 1, U1600:

CCB Baby Blitzers  vs. Team Canty.

UCF Cracked  vs. UCF Legends

*CCB Baby Blitzers and UCF Cracked = Board 1 will start with Black other boards will alternate.

Round 2, U1600: 

CCB Baby Blitzers vs. UCF Legends

UCF Cracked vs. Team Canty

*CCB Baby Blitzers and UCF Cracked = Board 1 will start with White and other boards will alternate.

Round 3, U1600: 

CCB Baby Blitzers vs. UCF Cracked

UCF Legends vs. Team Canty

*Coin flip will determine Board 1 colors

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