Anti-Cheating Measures for Online Tournaments

  1. Each participant will be provided with a Zoom Link
  2. Each Participant is required to access the Zoom link from a device that allows a continuous live view of their playing room to TD Terrance Washington. The angle desired by TD is pictured below. This will allow TD to view participant, their screen, and their playing room. Participants understand that the TD may ask participant to adjust the angle accordingly before the game begins.

3. Each participant will have their microphone on and live (full volume) shared with TD Terrance Washington on a continuous basis.

4. Participants are NOT permitted to wear headphones or earbuds of any kind.

5. While one’s game is in progress they are not permitted to leave their playing room or be off camera at any time.

6. TD will allow ONE emergency bathroom break not to exceed 2 minutes and only allowed while one’s own clock is running IF at least 75% of participants indicate that they would agree with this measure. If LESS than 75% agree with this measure the measure will FAIL and participants will be required to be in their playing room and on camera for the full duration of their individual game.

7. By participating in this tournament participants agree and consent to the TD’s discretion in regards to their live stream being interrupted or participant not remaining on camera. If the TD determines participant was disconnected from their live stream for a period of time deemed unacceptable, or off camera for a time deemed unacceptable, TD can consider the game a forfeit.

8. Participants understand that it is there duty to respond to any Zoom chat correspondence or phone correspondence from the TD in a timely manner. TD will refrain from contacting any participants during game unless absolutely necessary (ex: participant gets disconnected). However, in the case that the TD does correspond to participant they understand they must respond in a quick and resonable manner or risk being forfeited.

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