$25 High Stakes Quad, Winner Takes ALL

July 25th: $25 High Stakes Quads, 1pm EST, G/25+5, hosted on chess.com, winner of each quad gets $90. (*Note: The goal of each Quad is for it to be competitive, if a Quad has too large of a rating gap in a particular Quad, TD will discuss alternative formats for that particular Quad)

Anti-Cheating Rules (Please click link to familiarize yourself with our strict rules)


1. Send entry fee to one of these places (Cash App: $OCC64, Venmo: @Terrance-Washington-1 or Paypal: [email protected]).

2. Then copy and paste the prompt below, fill it out, and email to [email protected]



Classical Rating:


I understand all the of Anti-Cheating Rules (Yes/No):

Entry Fee Paid (Yes/No; if Yes attach receipt or screenshot):

Deadline to enter: 48 hours before the start of each tournament

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Quad Tie-Break Rules

In the case of a two way tie for money prizes, there will be a 2 game playoff. G/5. If still tied we will keep